Thursday, March 3, 2016

PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts)

During National Poetry Month, April 2015, I was among 213 poets representing 43 states and 12 countries in The Found Poetry Review's project PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts), working toward 30 found poetry merit badges. "These aren't your childhood merit badges! PoMoSco participants had the chance to earn up to 30 badges in April by completing poetry challenges in five categories: remixing, erasure, out and about, conceptual and chance operations." 

Click on these posts to see my poem for each badge:

Pick & Mix: "the world's continuous coming-into-being
Interrogator: "Did You Understand a Word?"
Haiku Anew: "Haiku Roku"
Pinch An Inch: "the instinct of mountains"
Blender: "The Eye Perceives"
First in Line: "The Days Have Done With You

Open Book: "A Handmade Card"
White Out: "powerful visions
Redacted: "frustration
Click Trick: "A Good First Line"
Picture It: "How to Abide"
Cut It Out: "So Ordinary"

Out and About
All Ears: "I've Learned Enough For This Lifetime"
Order's Up: "Fundido"
Interloper:  "Is Paris Wise?" 
Off the Shelf: "Beneath Their Canopies"
Crowdsource: "How Yin and Yang"
As Advertised: "Extravaganza"

On Demand: "new route to old roots"
Substitute Texter: "Smoking the Modern Coyote
Survey Says: "Something Else is Here"
X:Y: "torn by terrible conflict"
Quiet on Set: "Do We Understand Each Other?" 
Best Laid Plan: "Anti-Marriage Rally"

Chance Operation
Shake It Up: "the glare of the serpent-haired sun"
Roll the Dice: "An Armadillo-Leprosy Link Had Long Been Suspected
Chance Walk: "Center for Sports Jones"
Spaced Out: "the films of Woo"
Spelling B: "The Martian Mauna
Dialed In: "Undercover"

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  1. oooh so neatly organized. Beautiful background too! Great idea!