Sunday, April 26, 2015

Is Paris Wise?

Interloper2A small inheritance, off alone
to study avant garde art, bold
gesture, a little risqué, reaching
for the apple, first time out,
rebel capturing a moment.
Unusual riches – affinity
between women sitting free
and easy, knee over knee,
lightness, laughing, smoking,
bohemian, disheveled, beautiful.
Harmony exempt from morality,
nature’s gate open – a threshold.

But something amiss – anxieties,
dangers that beset girls, social
constraints (you’ll get in trouble).
Resistance begs the question –
upset by someone else, a voyeur.
He saw her from the window,
woman as subject, protected. 

Impression – walled garden,
conventional object among objects,
borders, heaviness, ennui,

terra cotta fabric, flesh. Domestic,
narrow path, no doorway through.

Come closer – her face
perplexed, desire to be read.
Against the wall, bird in a cage.

To earn the INTERLOPER badge I took notes during the Women in Impressionism talk at the Harn Museum on April 19, 3:00 pm, with University of Florida Professor of Art History Melissa Hyde and Harn Director of Education/Curator of Academic Programs Eric Segal. 

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