Saturday, April 11, 2015

Haiku Roku

To earn the HAIKU ANEW badge, I selected two published haiku each
from Japanese haiku masters
Matsuo Basho, Yosa no Buson, and Kobayashi Issa,
entered them in the Haiku Discombulator, and crafted six new

Source Texts:
Kyoto Journal, Yosa Buson 
Poetry Foundation, Selected Haiku by Issa, by Robert Hass 
Hello Poetry, Matsuo Bashō Haiku Poetry
Famous Haiku

In the cicada's cry
No sign can foretell
How soon it must die.
- Matsuo Basho

Awake at night--
the sound of the water jar
cracking in the cold.
- Matsuo Basho
A cold winter wind—
it stumbles suddenly
the returning horse.
- Yosa no Buson
Unfolding at the
hand of the glass polisher:
a camellia!
- Yosa no Buson

Don’t weep, insects –
Lovers, stars themselves,
Must part.
- Kobayashi Issa
    All the time I pray to Buddha
    I keep on
    killing mosquitoes.
- Kobayashi Issa

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