Monday, April 20, 2015

Do We Understand Each Other?

Positive thoughts!
Positive thoughts!
We’re tighter than blood.
Sweetie pie, tootsie, call me.
We’ve said it all before.
I want to hear it again.
I love you.
I was out of line, I was bitching, I’m sorry.
That’ll be the day.
What did you say?
What did you say?
That I understand.
You appear to be looking for something.
I like women with fire.
Talk about déjà vu.
What are you doing?
Me, too.
You sound feminine.
I need a positive boy. I’m not implying you don’t care.
The way you’re acting, I don’t know.
I’m just tired.
Here are all my numbers and my cell.
It was good to meet you.
Now shake hands; now a little hug.
Now a deep tongue kiss, now I feel better.
Liaison, from the French word liaise meaning to bind.
Convince me.

To earn PoMoSco's QUIET ON SET badge, we were to choose a TV program, podcast, or movie of at least 30 minutes in length and transcribe what we heard — no pressing pause, turning on subtitles or referencing a script allowed! When creating a poem we could delete — but not reorder — the transcribed text. Mine is from NCIS, Season 3, “Hiatus – Part I”  


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