Friday, April 10, 2015

Did You Understand a Word?

Would he have been entirely wrong?
Was he an animal if music could captivate him so?
Is the playing perhaps unpleasant? Less sensitive?
How was he, then, to grasp the key?
Should he really call for help?
What’s happened? Why did his sister not join the others?
And why was she crying? Was it because he had not got up?
Yes?  Mother? Was that really his father?
The whole family? What now?

From The Project Gutenberg EBook of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis. Translated by David Wyllie. 

For the INTERROGATOR badge, we were to copy all questions in a source text and create a poem of questions from that list. My text was Kafka's Metamorphosis, so I had to scramble to find questions that take readers away from the original.

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