Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An Armadillo-Leprosy Link Had Long Been Suspected

Though the hundreds of thousands of European starlings on our hands,
snakes—cobra, python, rat snake, boa—owned by ten Delhi charmers
needed a canoe to get into Ankarea—the island off the coast of Madagascar,
ground at top speed about three months to wheel away from danger
that buried hundreds, soon 911 calls restored the natural commotion.

It’s amazing, but water-efficient conservation techniques like drip
irrigation let the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers get its experience
of an eight-mile pipeline to a tropical Pacific town that is water vapor.
Well, imagine we had planted trees on the prairie.
We probably would have had record warmth.

Everybody knows that ranking cities for livability grows the constant watch.
The natural climate cycles, especially El Niňo, turn the curtain
of the mid-latitudes wind shear needed for those storms, including
the lower 48 if it lets up, to spawn data with computer construction models.
And no one’s been hurt in 50-plus years.

Source Text: September 2012 issue of National Geographic.

PoMoSco instructions, one of several Chance Operations, were to ROLL THE DICE to determine which line in the source text to include in a phrase bank, continuing until I had enough to craft the above.

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