Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Handmade Card

I began to weep.
The syntax, the clarity
the right words
but sentimental
the good and bad of it
to pretend
old feelings are new
desire emotion without
paying for it.

I want the luxury of thrift
shopping for words
to give feelings shape
get easily at what’s wrong
to elaborate, enchanted
and perplexed
with style of articulation
digital surround sound
a fetish of detail
wary of metaphor
and something evasive.


From “Notes in a Sentimental Mood” by Terrance Hayes, pages 16 – 17 in American Poet, Volume 38, Spring, 2010

To earn PoMoSco's OPEN BOOK badge I selected a two-page spread from the source text, wrote down interesting words and phrases in the order encountered, then created a poem using only those without changing order or adding words.

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