Sunday, April 12, 2015

Center for Sports Jones

“Raw Dog Investments renew federal bucks.”
“Student driver nails pizza.”
“Kids for Rent move Sweetest Donut installation.”
“Light Housekeeping Union chomps Linens Laundry Lobby.”
“Edward credits pediatric medicine plus The Force.”
Space Available
Stop Companionship Pressure
Oven-Baked Vinyl Training Institute
Hardwood Carpet and Herbal Hair Tires
Center for Flooring Rips Sales & Installation
Barbershop Spa – Dominos and Pit BBQ
Saint Leo University Closed
Stay and Renew
Center for Sports Jones
Sleep Disorders Catering
Love Touching Chiropractic
Tai Chi Sandwiches & Acupuncture Café
Express Family Night Drop
Magnolia Queen Star Charisma
Oil or Thyme Rehab Preparation
Coffee Council for Shopping Health
Go Primal: Walk in Bike Lane
Painless Fitness: Stop Cleaning Things for Hours
Heart’s Genesis: Do Art at My Home
Walk Up Respite Care: Appointments
Come Get Me: Chinese Stress Connection

PoMoSco instructions: "Go for a walk, copying down text from all signage you pass. At each intersection, flip a coin to determine your new direction and continue copying text. Use this word bank for a poem." 

The above are re-ordered words from signage noted as I walked south from my apartment complex on NW 51st St. in Gainesville, Florida, to Timber Village, then east on 39th Magnolia Parke, both with restaurants, banks, and other small businesses.

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