Friday, April 24, 2015

Something Else Is Here

I am the human female, soothing,
bending, sheltering, adaptable,
a willow weeping, hiding place
for what is shy. And I am daisies, bright
and sunny, delicate, or orange blossoms,
growing new potential. Not dainty, not
gorgeous, I am sunflower, medicinal
Indian Paintbrush, Live Oak – wide,
open-armed, grounded for protection.

I, the human female – horse or elephant
with heavy load – would be a songbird
yet toe cat-like, sleeping in the sun,
perching at the highest spot. I’m panther –
sleek, elegant, ready to pounce,
independent, watchful and aware,
on guard and in control. I’m owl –
wise, profound, swoop and feel
the whoooo within - and eagle,
strength and power holding in the wind. 

I, the human female, cannot be mistaken,
simple outside, multilayered within,
I’m roast beef, succulent kohlrabi,
Yorkshire pudding or mezze
grilled tuna, wild mushrooms with endives,
delicious, healthy but a bit indulgent,
spicy and surprising flavors, rich tasting
on white china with blue flowers,
or a bowl of rice carried to the Buddha. 

I am the human female, light bamboo
rickshaw gliding through the streets.
I’m walking, or canoe, skimming
with the flow through water soundlessly,
attached to past, a sentimental 1960s
mustang, red convertible, nostalgic,
ready to accelerate but not too fast
or too abruptly, a tall ship,
sails blowing, gathering speed. 

I am jazz, a flute of willow
playing with the wind,
music teaching self, I'm
strong emotions, the unusual –
Claire de Lune and Halleluyiah,
Welcome to The Black Parade
and Life on Mars. A song with words
important as the music, I,
the female, cannot be ignored.

PoMoSco's SURVEY SAYS badge required developing a survey with 3-5 questions and creating a poem from the results. My survey questions:

  1. Describe your favorite flower or tree and in what way you’re alike.
  2. If you were a dinner, what ingredients and types of food would you be? How displayed?
  3. If you were an animal, what kind would you be? Why?
  4. If you were a mode of transportation, would you be a car, plane, bicycle, skate board, or something else? What style, color, uses would be characteristic of you?
  5. If you were a piece of music, what would you be? What kind of listeners would be attracted to you and why?

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