Saturday, April 18, 2015


Two beans shot from a Tex-Mex Cadillac –
a Matador, stuffed from Sunday’s famous fiesta. 

Celeste, chicken, tossed sour fish on the rocks
and served free cocktails all day Wednesday.

Gonzales sat at the bar Friday from 11:00 – 3:00.
Every hour Margarita served an order of scrambled
black parrot spread on crispy taco: “Eat, loco.”

On the Mexican border a kid dipped imported speed
cooked with poblano pepper, Saturday’s hot speciality.

A marinated alcoholic chunked bottled ceviche
on the top shelf with bloody Jose Cuervo and Don Julio.

Andrea and Mary stripped with seasoned passion, rolled on
a mudslide, 10-inch breasts topped with chocolate cream.

This found poem for PoMoSco ORDER'S UP badge was great fun, using only words and phrases found on the menu of a a local restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. The Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant in Gainesville has three different menus (traditional, specials, drinks), so lots of possibilities for "fun" (yes, I know fundido actually translates as liquid, melting, or fluid -- which was fun for me):

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