Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Martian Mauna

Toward PoMoSco's SPELLING B badge, I entered a "seed" phrase in the Diastic Poem Generator (it searches for words that start with the first letter in the seed phrase, then the second, third, etc.). From that word bank I kept the words in order but removed some text to create "The Martian Mauna," which kind of makes sense...

Pulverized progress
clearly stopped Mauna cinder
gigantic mountain mimicking the lock
would lava interact ruefully,

keep research direction.
Nineteen preparing –
the Martian says three.
American psychological tubs
have Rovers tested months.

Mauna have personalities:
winnowing winnowing,
sometimes makes
dome seven like wary War.
President help companies
commercial mission,
forgave never Mars mission.
Around operator exploration,
communication adviser
once told go prepare
clenching mode contrast.

Mars Mars Mars

Seed phrase: preparing to move to mars

Source text: The New Yorker, April 20, 2015, “Moving to Mars: Preparing for the longest, loneliest voyage ever,” by Tom Kizzia.

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