Thursday, April 30, 2015

I've Learned Enough for This Lifetime

My whole life has felt like being on stage
without a script; I thought she was
going to take over. It’s more fun
when someone else is watching.
He drinks to come out of his shell;
I’ve been getting this big
message from the universe –
migraine and cluster headaches.
I try to avoid boredom.
He hung you out to dry.
I love him — I just don’t want
to be bounced around;
I’m desperate to find
the light, but when I move
out of my comfort zone
the fear is unbelievable;
letting go is like a black vortex.
I want to let things settle for a while.

To earn the ALL EARS badge, I was to take a public journey, keep an open ear to conversations around me, jot down overheard phrases and words, then craft a poem composed of those fragments. These are from conversations overheard in the reception area at a therapist's office.

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