Thursday, April 2, 2015

the glare of the serpent-haired sun

ShakeItUpclandestine sense of awe
play a role in courtship
a dull sing-song

searching for the eyes
provide momentum
shod with the glittering steel
the Divine not an exact equivalent
concrete time
with much shared pleasure
pink-cheeked and fussing for a nipple
astonishing leaps
flotsam on the beach, stranded
beginning to attract
transcendence and
hissing in the surf like two waves
shift in emphasis
Alive, thank God
change the point of view
stealing   running   and darkness

From pages 49, 79, 103, and 236 of Kate Braid and Sandy Shreve's In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry. Vancouver: Raincoast, 2005. Print. 

PoMoSco instructions: Cut out desired words or phrases from a source text, put them in a container, shake, then pull them out one by one, placing them on the table in the order drawn to create a poem — no removing or reordering words permitted. 

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