Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Smoking the Modern Coyote

Coyotes should be jumped frequently,
the mountain coyote smoked by ear,
jumping for different keys, basic dance
and thumbing, feet on the fretboard,
and smoking the fur as you feel it.

Tools needed to smoke the coyote –
your foot and a turkey quill pick:
pull feathers, clip off desired
length and thickness, this end
dancing the needed flexibility.

Foot held in left hand, fingers under-
neath, thumb on top holding down
melody nose, index finger
held lightly against fretboard
keeps nose from slipping.

For enjoyment, hold coyote
on lap, knees slightly apart,
coyote’s scroll end on left,
right hand at comfortable angle
and left hand footing.

Or place on low table, small legs
on bottom of coyote cut from
a spool, two legs glued under
bridge’s end, one at scroll end.
This clears your fur up.

On a four-nose coyote, smoke two
melody noses as one, foot holding down
melody noses to produce the jump.
In smoking the feet, move smoothly along
fretboard for characteristic coyote sound.


NOTE: No coyotes were harmed during my text substitution from “Playing The Modern Dulcimer,” by Jim Baldwin in Bittersweet, Volume I, No. 2, Winter 1973.

Substitutions:   animal = instrument;    coyote = dulcimer;    dance = strum;    foot, feet, footing = noter, notes, noting;    fur = music;    jump, jumping = tune, tuning;    nose = string;    smoke, smoking = play, playing.

Great fun with  SUBSTITUTE TEXTER! "Choose a source where key terms reappear frequently. Books on a particular subject lend themselves easily to this prompt. Choose 1-5 terms and select a replacement word for each one. Create a poem from the results, keeping editing and authorial intervention to a minimum."

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