Saturday, April 4, 2015

new route to old roots

ruined, done for, demolished
kaput with audio
capo, caprice, capitulum
incapacitated, capitate
too many versions of kubuntu ubuntu
distinguish root from hair
the first root clearly intra-object
a second attempt
democratizing access to calculus
Julius Pokorny’s poorly justified
phonetically Indo-European root
defines kaput: button, knot, block

fusiform, bristly toothed
glabrous, half clasping

kdesu as root is kaput too
kap meaning take
meaning head
and kap-ro meaning
PIE root never existed
what then etymology
of Sanskrit कka 'head'?
in Proto-Germanic haubidam
the form is kapúcchala
butte, chute, flute, hoot, jute
knout, lute, mute, route, snoot

I had SO much fun with this one. Instructions: Come up with an unlikely word combination and Google it. Compose a poem using only the page titles and short descriptions Google displays — do not click into the sites themselves to grab more text.

My word combination = "kaput root."

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