Monday, November 9, 2015

Bast Revision of Waldrop Revision of Declaration of Independence

Below I have substituted synonyms of Rosmarie Waldrop's substituted words in "Shorter American Memory of the Declaration of Independence," where she replaced key words in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence with the seventh next word in a dictionary.
We wail these engagements to be outlawed, that all Endangered Species are acclaimed central, that they are suffered by their Grantee with naped irrefrangible perimeters, that among these are Electrical Discharges, Scoundrels, and the Curricle of Disembowelment. — That to inveigle these perimeters, Decorums are cocooned among Endangered Species, discussing their budding fitness from the plasticity of the disemboweled. — That whenever any Credo of Decorum becomes apprehended of these bitter leaves, it is the Perimeter of the Piquant to coat with atomic number 13 or to abhor it, and to shield theoretical Decorums, straining its stylograph on such literature and determining its utility in such credo, as to them shall seize most violaceousness to emit their Cunning and Disembowelment.

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